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Netgoth - Huge UK goth related resource. People, gigs, clubs, shops etc

UK People Gothic - Newgroup dedicated to UK goth happenings
ALL FM - ALL FM website with details of all programming
Manchester - :: analoguetrash
Manchester - :: Sin City
Preston - :: Dark Cide
London - Slimelight
Sheffield - Corporation
York - Darklands
Edinburgh - Ascention
Glasgow - Bedlam
Belfast - Cornucopia
Dublin - Dominion
London - Slimelight
Nottingham - Rock City
Manchester - Academy
Glasgow - The Classic Grand
Manchester - Apollo
Sheffield - Corporation
Infest (Bradford, GB)
Resistanz (Sheffield, GB)
Black Celebration (London, GB)
Carnival of Souls (Derby, GB)
Wave Gotik Treffen (Leipzig, DE)
Summer Darkness (Utrecht, Netherlands)
M'era Luna (Hildesheim, DE)
Maschinenfest (Krefeld, DE)
Images - great photos from gigs and festivals - continually updated - based in Scotland, photographer taking photos of bands in the scene